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Diana Johnson

Centre Manager

Kia ora,

I was raised in England with my 3 brothers and twin sister. My father was a headmaster; he inspired me with his passion for education, his integrity and his creative, strategic thinking. My mother inspired me with her kindness, her sense of community and her love of children.

I moved from England to New Zealand aged 23. I have nearly 20 years of early childhood education experience. I spent 10 years at Play centre with my 3 sons. I worked for 3 years with Special Education. I worked part time as a teacher while completing my degree. I have spent the last 8 years as a centre Supervisor.

I am passionate about young children and making a difference in their lives.


Delia Jarvis

Assistant Manager

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Hello.

My name is Delia Jarvis, I am a trained early childhood teacher, and I gained my DipTch(ECE) in 2005, and have been working with infants since then. Before that I was relieving at various centres and kindergartens.

I am a mother of five very lovely sons, who are grown up now.

It is really awesome to be working with the tamariki at Capital Kids. I know that we will form some really long lasting bonds.

I look forward to working closely with both tamariki and whanau.


Lita Lui

Early Childhood Teacher

Talofa lava and Greetings. My name is Lita Lui.

I am of Samoan heritage and I immigrated to New Zealand in 1984. I was educated in Samoa. I graduated from Wellington College of Education in 1991 with a DipTch(ECE). I am fully Registered Teacher. I have worked at Samoan Aoga Amata and within Early Childhood Education for 20 years.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, playing guitar and travelling. I enjoy caring, loving and educating children of any age.


Lesa Pualilo

Early Childhood Teacher

Talofa lava! Kia Ora! And greetings to everyone!

The part of my childhood which has had the most influence on my teaching would be the richness of the environment, my family values and a positive early childhood, it has made me who I am today.

My name is Lesa Pualilo and I was born, raised and educated in Samoa. I grew up in a big close and caring family, which I love so much. I have four sisters and one brother, and they are all married with children. I have nieces and nephews, whom I adore very much and I spend a great deal of time with them. Indeed my background has influenced my experience of interest in caring, education and working with children.

In 2003 I achieved the Diploma of Teaching (ECE) and in 2008 completed the BchTch(ECE) and I became a fully Registered Teacher in 2006.

I have worked in other centres prior to coming to Capital Kids and I am really enjoying working alongside the staff here. I believe that the in-depth learning that I gained from the study I have undertaken has encouraged me immensely and has given me strength to work and support our children, families/whanau and teachers and I feels confident in sharing with others.


Miriam Garner

Early Childhood Teacher

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Hello,

My name is Miriam Garner and I am a trained early childhood teacher. I gained my diploma from the Wellington College of Education in 1996 and began my teaching career the year after.

I am originally from the UK and came to New Zealand when I was a child with my twin brother, mum and dad. We moved from Birmingham to the beautiful Wairarapa and my brother and I enjoyed many long hot summers horse riding, catching crawlies in the creek and bike riding in the country side.

I returned to the UK in the year 2000 and lived there for a few years teaching, and also did a bit of nannying in the United States. I now live in Trentham, Upper Hutt after having bought a house there.

I look forward to getting to know all the whānau/families here at Capital kids and to continue supporting children on their learning journey.


Jasbinder Kaur

Early Childhood Teacher

Sat Sri Akaal, Hello, Kia Ora.

My name is Jasbinder kaur and I am a trained secondary school teacher. I gained my degree from the University of South Pacific. I taught in secondary school for almost 3 years.

I am originally from Fiji Islands and moved to New Zealand in the year 2011 with my husband. I was employed by educational personal as an early childhood teacher. I did relieving for almost 1 and half years.

I aim to foster in children love, trust and creative learning that would enhance their learning, skills and development.

I look forward to getting to know all the whānau/families and supporting each other during this learning journey.


Daniel Whitaker

Early Childhood Teacher

Kia ora, My name is Daniel Whitaker.

I have recently completed a postgraduate diploma in early childhood education and was fortunate to find a part time teaching position here at CKC. Before my teacher training I completed an arts degree in cultural anthropology and philosophy

I feel privileged to be working with children and believe that one can learn a lot from the way children relate to the world around them. As an early childhood teacher I believe I have a responsibility to recognize diversity in all its forms, and to remain open to the knowledge children and their families bring to the learning environment.

I am currently working towards a master of education at Victoria University. My developing research interest is around the use of the photographic image in educational environments, and how the medium of photography acts in the construction of knowledge

Earlier in my life I trained as a carpenter and spent several years working in the building industry before deciding to return to study. I still enjoy carpentry and spend some of my free time designing and making pieces of furniture.


Toni Fraser

Early Childhood Teacher

Kia ora koutou, my name is Toni Fraser and I live with my partner, Stu, my son Francis and our rabbit Sunny in Berhampore.

Last year I retrained as an early childhood teacher at Victoria University after working for many years as a policy advisor in education and housing for the New Zealand and UK governments. After I had my son, Francis, I realised how amazing the early development process is, and decided that I wanted to be part of it.

My philosophy of teaching is all about reciprocal relationships with tamariki and their whanau so we can all work together to nurture a child’s unique ways of understanding themselves, the world around them and their relationships with others.

My interests include ballet, history, drawing and exploring the natural world (including my garden), and I look forward to sharing these interests with the tamariki at Capital Kids Co-operative.

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Jobs at CKC

Check out our Jobs page for available vacancies at Capital Kids.